Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Studies are showing that today’s America spends an average of 12.3 hours of a 16-hour waking day sitting, with most of that time spent at work or in the car. With the increased time spent sitting, your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure begins to rise.

With such shocking numbers you may ask “How do I prevent this?” Well the answer is simple- sit less, stand more. People who sit for less than 30 minutes at a time decrease their risk of an early death. With that number in mind, the simple solution is to stand while you are performing daily activities. For many, daily activity means a lot of working at a desk, on a phone and/or computer. There are many options for converting a standard desk to a sit-to-stand, including options that incorporate the furniture you already have. Sit-to-Stand options are in high demand today, and furniture manufacturers are coming out with new models left and right to try and cater to that new demand. VariDesks are a popular desktop brand that people have come to ask for by name. Simple levers lift your monitor and keyboard up to a custom standing height. Humanscale is considered the ergonomic king, offering an assortment of seating and accessories to pamper your body through the workday. Humanscale offers a motorless “float” table base, which requires little effort to adjust an entire table height up and down. Their desktop model, called QuickStand, has a similar “one touch” feature where you can literally change the height of your monitor and keyboard with the lift of a finger. Not only are we seeing these changes in cubicles but also in private office suites. Heavy, wood

en furniture is a thing of the past- light, floating, versatile work spaces is in high demand. And there are a lot of ways to get there today!

Be healthy and happy- fight off the midday crash by working on your feet. It will burn more calories, keep your blood flowing and energy up. We are furniture CONSULTANTS- we want to help you find the best options available, at the best price available.