Fall is here! Find some easy and inexpensive steps to warm up your work space.

Whether you are in a cold weather climate or an area that is warm and sunny all year round, you are likely starting to feel the comfort and warmth that fall brings out in everyone. With pumpkin spice everything available, to the russet hues of changing leaves it is hard not to take notice of the change in the season.

It is also a great time to refresh your workplace by adding warm colors, updating finishes or adding some new accessories. There are many easy and affordable solutions to give your office a face lift while staying on budget. The simplest would be to add in accent and task lighting specific to an area and reduce the need for harsh overhead fluorescent lighting that seems to still be prevalent in many office buildings. There are many options to consider when adding task lighting. For example, what is going to be the main purpose? Do you want warm, intimate lighting for a small meeting room, or bright natural lighting to energize a collaborative area? Task lighting takes a small amount of time, money and space but gives the user an instant change.

We currently have some great pre-owned options in stock, ready to ship or pick up. The detail desk light offers a sleek modern look while casting a large swath of light onto the work area. With its brushed silver finish, it will add an upscale and modern look while still being functional. If you need more of a direct-able light, we would recommend the Humanscale Element task light. With its sleek, futuristic design it will allow the end user plenty of light directed at the task at hand. Both options are great ways to add a little warmth and glow to any desk.

If you’re looking to make a bigger impact within your office refresh, another excellent and easy solution would be to update your desktop finish. Changing out the surface color on your desk will change to whole look and feel of your space. There are hundreds of laminate colors and patterns to choose from that will aid in the change of any work area- you can specify wood grains, geometric patterns, bright colors, or solid neutrals. A basic, laminate work surface is one of the cheapest components in a cubicle, yet visually it takes up a large portion of the desk. With a simple change of the desk top finish, it will give the whole office a new and updated look, while maintaining a conservative budget.

Looking for an overall update? Think about changing your entire workstation. With many options available in the pre-owned, re-manufactured and new furniture, we will work with you to find exactly what you are looking for. As you can see, with changes ranging for a simple desk light to a whole new work area there are many steps that will allow you to warm up and refresh your office. Give us a call or pop into our showroom to see how we can add spice and breath new life into you work environment!

Written By: Asia Armstrong, Account Manager/ Designer